How To Plan A Around The World Trip

Ever since the renowned author Jules Verne wrote the famous book about how to plan round the world trip (RTW), RTW has officially been documented as one of the most sought after bucket list item.

It is an adventure of a lifetime, an experience of its own kind and fit to be bragged about everywhere. It is an accomplishment in itself.

plan round the world trip

However to execute the plan round the world trip, one needs to plan from far before and be ready to combat any possible situation. As a seasoned traveller, I am trying to bring out the mandatory checks you need to perform before you take part in this epic journey.

Pick your destinations

The Earth is described as a pale blue dot from the space however it is quite huge when you encounter it upfront. Do not let the humongous volume of landmass intimidate you. True there are segregated geographical and economic zone, thriving with very specific cultures. Pick and choose which continents you need to cover, which particular country you need to visit.

Be generous with time

A round the world travel requires you to be on the road for at least few months if not a complete year or more. Do not plan a hurricane travel. Rather, slow down. Enjoy places in a pace you are comfortable with.

Every country shall show case the best of artistic and culinary experiences in the capital cities. With that, choose a natural wonder that the country is famous for. Try to spend a few days in the chosen destinations to understand what it really means to live there.

Live like a local

Choose home stays for securing stay and local meal and not fast food chains for your meals to get an authentic experience. We also recommend learning few words of the new country. It surely helps as an ice breaker.

Get insurance

You may not be able to predict your future but you sure can secure it. In case of a long term travel, that is only the most sane or practical measure to help yourself. Get insurance done. For your health checks, for travel plans, flight tickets and everything.

In case you you have a plan round the world trip with your kids, we also recommend you to tag with some insurance company that covers kids’ related issues on the way. You may also consider options for home schooling them however that is a different issue altogether.

Insurance is a must if your travel plans includes countries such as China where the food is completely different from what you have been eating.

Be practical and keep your eyes open

It is only wise to do your homework before you visit a country. Read about current political and socio economic condition and do not put yourself in any risky situation. Also mingle with the local expat community for instant help in case of trouble. Be experimental with alien food only if yours instincts do not create a bar. Yes, trust your instinct before anything. It sure helps.

Be respectful

Local cultures and customs may vary widely than that of your home. Do not let than diminish your will power. Be respectful for what prevails and you earn your respect back.

Cash-flow should remain intact

Last but not the least important factor that is instrumental in scoring a long term travel plan is to have a unhindered source of money. Either you save up enough in the prior years before travel or you plan in such a way (freelance work, online consultancies, basically lead a digital nomad life) that lets you have enough money at any given point of time.

True you may not need a bucket full of money in case you are ready to do a budget travel but you shall need money, however little the amount may be, for every step you take out of the home. Or, at least, have a back-up plan.

In case you, my dear reader, happen to be one of the long term travellers, kindly publish your plan round the world trip, in the comment section. It is the help of fellow travellers that lets the dream of travel keeps going.

Madhurima Chakraborty

A full time management professional with wanderlust driven soul, Madhurima finds solace in writing as much as exploring new places. A resident of Bangalore, she has essence of Kolkata flowing in her blood. She wants to tick off traveling all the countries of the world, tasting best of sea food from around the globe and collecting a wardrobe full of saris.

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